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Our Mission

At Epicurean, we believe in curating incredible experiences so that connoisseurs of life can celebrate all of the wonderful flavors that it has to offer – and discover the truth hidden in new awakenings. We’ve created a one-of-a-kind place where people can come savor fantastic experiences and
Awaken Appetites Unknown.

Drawing inspiration from our namesake.

  • The name Epicurean comes from the Greek philosopher Epicurus, who believed that “Pleasure is the Greatest Good.”

    That belief is the core of our inspiration. In everything we do, we should be inspiring people to seek new experiences that bring them joys they didn’t know could exist.

    From our partnership with the legendary Bern’s Steak House to our daily commitment to cultivating an enriching brand, we want Epicurean to be a place where connoisseurs of life can come and discover the truth that lies in new flavors and hidden joys – that they reveal a bit more of this wonderful world to us. After all, isn’t that why we seek those experiences out?

A Gourmet Pedigree

  • Founded in 1956 by husband and wife restauranteurs Bern and Gert Laxer, Bern’s Steak House is renowned worldwide for their excellent cuisine, use of fresh, quality ingredients and their massive wine cellar featuring more than half-a-million bottles. Bern’s commitment to excellence runs throughout their restaurant, their wine shop (and cellar) and in all their additional properties. But to understand how closely they fit within the Epicurean brand, it would help to understand how they train their waiters.

    To serve customers at Bern’s, waiters train for nearly two years – working in all stations of the kitchen, as a guided trainee in their dining room and even on their organic farm. They train this way so that they can completely understand all of the work that goes into bringing a transformative meal to the table.

    It’s this commitment to the total process of excellence that perfectly aligns with who we are.

    Because in order to craft and curate excellent experiences, it helps to understand everything that goes into it. And it’s this understanding that enhances your enjoyment of those moments. Connoisseurs of life understand this – and so do we.

“My father created Bern’s as a place for people to enjoy excellent food and wine. And Epicurean Hotel is an extension of that. Whether you’re visiting for the restaurant, spa, culinary classroom, wine shop... or just to indulge in a little bit of everything, this is a place like nowhere else.”
David Laxer
Bern’s Steak House Owner & Restauranteur

Enhancing the Elevation

Mainsail Lodging & Development is a Tampa-based hospitality company founded in 1999 by Joe Collier. From its first project created through a strategic partnership with a national accounting firm, Mainsail quickly established itself as a company with expertise, imagination and operational excellence. Today, Mainsail develops and operates lodging products, including lifestyle hotels and corporate furnished housing, in the Southeastern US and the Caribbean.

“At Mainsail we bring big thinking and innovation to support unique projects like Epicurean and other specialized developments. We were the first to build an Autograph Collection hotel from the ground up and are passionate about bringing new life and experiences to already thriving urban areas like South Tampa.”
Joe Collier, President
Mainsail Lodging & Development

The Epicurean Experience

A Cabernet’s terroir that captures the essence of windswept vineyards. An artisanal cheese whose recipe has been perfected over centuries. Connoisseurs of life experience pleasure as something much more complex than its individual components.

Because when something is done painstakingly and with care, it refracts through the kaleidoscope of memory and experience, evoking and involving all of the senses.

We curate the truly exceptional flavors and experiences for the lovers of all life’s flavors. We invite guests to explore and indulge – in timeless beauty and the enjoyment of something excellently crafted.

When they experience something in all of its rich complexity, they awaken new experiences that lead to a deeper understanding of life.

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