CASS at the Epicurean: Max Kauffman



This month the Epicurean Hotel welcomed our fourth featured artist, Max Kauffman to the hotel lobby’s lounge gallery in partnership with CASS Contemporary Art Space & Studio.

The CASS exhibit is ongoing daily inside the Epicurean Library Lounge, and changes every few months to feature a new artist.

Group PhotoI was lucky enough to attend the Art Opening Reception, meet Max and check out his work. His show titled “When The Current Dictates” is inspired by a mix of anthropology, architecture and magic of nature, while evoking the everyday struggles of humanity. His work is incredible! Max talked us through how each piece of artwork is a release— akin to meditation, a relief from the chaos of our day-to-day lives.  His influence also comes from music, and is inspired by many genres.

I love how each piece plays with the unconscious and the conscious, but all appears balanced to the eye—he couples the thoughts of dreamy and wispy, with hard-edge lines. It’s brilliant!

Group PhotoI’ll say another one of my favorite things about his art inside the Epicurean Hotel is that each piece is versatile. Most of his pieces are small enough that you can actually fit them in your home, but don’t come with the pressure of making it the main focal point in your living room—unless you want to of course! The smaller boxy pieces could go in your kitchen, a bedroom, a living room or even your bathroom if you feel ever so inclined. Some are obviously more expensive than others, but all are affordable depending on your artistic taste.

Max Kauffman is a true treat to have at the Epicurean Hotel CASS Contemporary gallery, and we’re fortunate to expose Tampa to national artists like him and others soon to come.

For more information on Max Kauffman, check out his website here—and to learn more about CASS Contemporary click here

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