Meet The Tipsy Candle Company

Tipsy candlesUpon entering the Epicurean Hotel lobby, one of the first things that will catch your eye is the unique candles melted inside wine bottles. These hand-poured candles featured inside the Epicurean Hotel and Spa Evangeline arethe work of Tipsy Candle Company, based out of Tampa, FL. What makes this story unique? The Tipsy Candles at the Epicurean Hotel are uniquely crafted from recycled wine bottles from Élevage Restaurant and donated wine bottles from our big daddy, Bern’s Steak House.

I sat down with Stephen Neher, part owner of Tipsy Candle Company and asked him some of your “burning” questions. Stephen, who has his master’s degree in the medical field, is a firm believer in aromatherapy — one of the elements in the healing process. Here’s the scoop!

TipsyHow did the Tipsy Candle Company evolve?
Stephen: The Tipsy Candle Company (TCC) was founded with an inspiration to recycle wine bottles and to make holiday gifts for the family. Our family and friends loved them so much, we started selling them in boutique stores and now we love being part of the Epicurean experience!

What’s inside a Tipsy Candle?
Stephen: We handcraft all our candles in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. The essential oils we use are hand-mixed into the soy wax at a high temperature to make sure the oil scent adheres to all the wax, allowing the candle to smell great from the first time you light it to the last.

Tipsy Candle companyWhat makes soy wax candles different from other candles?
Stephen: The wonderful qualities of soy wax are all natural and non-toxic. They are safe for children and animals, they don’t leave behind any soot or residue from harmful chemicals, nor will will they soil your clothes or furniture.

What’s the story behind the label artwork?
Stephen: Our unique labels are inspired by the artwork of Alberto Vargas, renowned Peruvian painter of pin-up art from the 1940’s and our fragrance names are inspired by classic cocktails such as; Lemon-Tini, Pink Moscato and Pumpkin Ale — just to name a few. We love to showcase the Tipsy Candle Company at local art and trunk shows and take great pride in choosing to partner with socially and environmentally responsible small business owners and companies to carry our line. We are proud to offer a quality product with the respect for the environment and a love for the planet, that is why we are glad to be “Saving the earth…one bottle at a time.”

 Flowers inside tipsy class container What makes the Tipsy Candles at the Epicurean Hotel lobby and Spa Evangeline unique?
Stephen: We take great pride in the fact that we use the actual wine bottles recycled from the Epicurean to create their own signature-candle line with labels and fragrances exclusive to the the Epicurean. We have also been working closely with them on a special line of bourbon candles, that are truly one of a kind.

What’s your favorite fall candle or scent?
Stephen: For the fall season, our Pumpkin Ale candle has been a big hit. Nothing gets you in the mood for the changing season and the start of cooler weather then the wonderful spicy scent of pumpkin with a touch of vanilla.

Tipsy CandleSpeaking of fall, didn’t Tipsy Candle have a big October candle initiative to raise money for breast cancer awareness?
Stephen: We are very proud of our newest scent Pink Moscato, created for breast cancer awareness. Featured on the front label of the candle is a pink ribbon. We are pleased this fragrance is being used for fundraising and bringing awareness for a very special cause.

Interested in learning more about Tipsy Candle Company? Visit their website to learn more.

Insider Tip: Looking for holiday presents for the entire family? Purchase Tipsy Candles inside the Epicurean Hotel and at Spa Evangeline.

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